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What do I need to know before buying an Old, Antique Chocolate Mold?

old metal antique chocolate mold santa

  Old Chocolate molds in various conditions.   What to look for when you are buying a chocolate mold.  First, you need to consider a few things….. Let’s start with:  Is this mold for you or are you looking for a unique one of a kind gift?  If the old chocolate mold is for you – […]

Antique chocolate molds – Can I mold Chocolate with my Old Chocolate Mold?

antique old chocolate mold pipe

    Picture 3 – bare steel dark spots                                       The old metal chocolate molds were tools made to mold chocolate.  One would think that you should be able to mold chocolate but the  real question is, “Will my mold release chocolate?”   If the old […]

Old Antique Chocolate molds – Are they Safe?

Old cake mold, cookie mold, ice cream mold and chocolate mold for sale unique gift

Old cast Iron cake mold, Pewter Springerlie cookie mold, old pewter ice cream mold and old steel and tinned chocolate mold. Recently a customer emailed and asked – “Is my antique metal chocolate mold safe to mold chocolate in?”  The answer – Yes absolutely, if it is a chocolate mold. Chocolate molds are made with stamped steel either tinned […]

Molding Chocolate

vintage antique old chocolate molds for sale

Molding Chocolate Figures With Your Antique Metal Chocolate Mold        So you have a wonderful old antique chocolate mold, and you want to use it to make a chocolate treat as a gift for someone special.  How do you do it?  It’s not hard, but there are a few things you need to know.  Let’s […]