What can you do with an Antique Chocolate Mold?

    “What do your customers do with the old antique chocolate molds?” , I have been asked that question many times.  The possibilities are numerous but here are some of the uses my customers have found for these wonderful pieces of art: Mold chocolate with them;   Mold wax and make candles with them; Mold […]

Did the  Manufacturers of Old Steel Chocolate Molds copy each other?

antique old vintage metal chocolate molds santas for sale

   *All chocolate molds pictured are available. The answer is yes.  There are a few examples in the picture above.  The Large display American Santa, 32” was made by Anton Reiche, Germany (One of four), and the smaller American Santa 10” appears to be almost the same was made by Eppelsheimer, USA.  The display St. Nicholas […]

Are old metal chocolate molds hard to find?

antique old vintage collectable metal chccolate mold for sale bear

If you think about it, there were only a finite number of metal chocolate molds made. Just so many copper and steel molds were made before plastic took over.  Then consider this: two World Wars created a desperate need for copper and steel and many molds were recycled for the war effort.  Also, when steel replaced copper […]

How does the subject of an antique chocolate mold affect the price?

antique old metal vintage antique chocolate mold for sale unique rare statue of liberty, zeppelins

  Zeppelin two gondolas  – H. Walter;    Zeppelin one gondola – Anton Reiche   High Altitude Research Balloon – Anton Reiche;   The Statue of Liberty – Anton Reiche; Mickey Mouse – Anton Reiche. & 30+ Sitting Rabbits The molds pictured above are priced from under $50.00 to over $2000.00; all are available for sale.            […]

Why are values/prices so different for old metal chocolate molds?

  Same 20″ Rabbits – Same Price?   In my last four blogs we cover the important things to look for when buying a chocolate mold; condition, matched, material and marks. I hope that the information was a help.  When you are looking at antique chocolate molds another question that comes up – Why is […]

How do I tell the age of my old ‘antique” chocolate mold?

antique metal old chocolate molds for sale copper steel tinned how old

  Materials used for old chocolate molds from 1832-1970      The answer to “How old is my mold?” is not that simple but here are the basics. The material the chocolate mold is made from is our best clue.  When the chocolate molds were first made in 1830 in  Paris  the only metal material that was […]