Do they make reproductions of the old metal molds?

The short answer is yes, reproductions were and are being made.  You can spot a reproduction by: the material that is used (usually lighter in weight, the metal is not as thick); the detail is not as crisp; the metal appears to have been treated to give it an aged look; and most important  the reproduction molds have no numbers or manufacturer’s marks on them .  

Here are pictures of some examples of reproductions.  The first one a Victorian Boy has a picture of the original antique chocolate mold below it.  When you compare the two pictures you can see the numbers on the original mold and the difference in detail between the two.  Below the boys are two more examples of reproductions – a Victorian Girl and Father Christmas.  Note the stressed look of the flange on the reproductions vs an original chocolate mold.

Many of the reproduction molds can be found online and are being sold as reproductions.  Unfortunately they sometimes appear and are listed as “Vintage”  chocolate molds so just be aware and look for numbers.  I hope this blog is helpful.