Antique chocolate molds – Can I mold Chocolate with my Old Chocolate Mold?

antique old chocolate mold pipe


  Picture 3 – bare steel dark spots

Antique old chocolate metal mold kangaroo Holland
Picture 2 – Nickel clad steel


old antique chocolate mold lady bug for sale
picture 1 – tinned steel














 The old metal chocolate molds were tools made to mold chocolate.  One would think that you should be able to mold chocolate but the  real question is, “Will my mold release chocolate?”   If the old metal mold will release chocolate then it will be relatively easy to mold with it.  The ability of a mold to release chocolate totally depends on the condition of the inside of the mold.  If the mold is shinny like picture 1 (tinned steel) or picture 2 (nickel clad steel), no problem;  but if it looks like picture 3 you will have a problem.  In picture 3 there is bare steel showing (the dark spots) and the chocolate will stick to it and not release from the mold.   Spraying the mold with a cooking spray (one suggestion from a customer) will if it releases end up with the spray all over your chocolate.   A mold that looks like picture 3 is good for molding butter and dusting.