Antique Chocolate Molds Available!

antique metal chocoalte molds for sale

A small example of Antique chocolate molds that are available but not  listed; Bunnies on a motorcycle with a side car, Charlie Chaplin, Donald Duck, etc..

We hope you are enjoying the changes we have made to our website.  We have listed about 300 antique  molds on the site and will continue to add more but it would take a life time to list our complete inventory on line.  Anton Reiche the most prolific chocolate mold manufacturer, during the height of his factories production offered a choice of over 10,000 different chocolate molds in all sizes and shapes.   Reiche was only one of the many manufacturers in Europe and the USA.   If you are looking for a specific mold or subject maybe dogs- a bulldog, a greyhound; ocean – a sting ray, a turtle; etc.  please feel free to email us at to let us know the subject and/or chocolate mold you are looking for. Old metal molds make great unique gifts too!

 We will be happy to send pictures & prices of what we have in our extensive inventory of old metal chocolate molds. 

7 thoughts on “Antique Chocolate Molds Available!

  1. Tammy says:

    Hi, I just purchased a Walter chocolate mold and would like some advice. First, how do I clean it? Second, it’s a tray style that is 8 x 11, is a “bean” shape with 36 beans, can it be used to make caramels? Lastly, what tray styles do you have?

    • Dads Follies says:

      Congratulations on your purchase. To clean you mold we recommend very fine steel wool and mineral oil. You soak the steel wool in the oil and rub the mold, wipe the mold down with a soft cloth leaving a film of oil on the mold to protect it from rust. We would not recommend trying to pour hot caramel in the tray/flat chocolate mold. These molds were made of individual pieces that were soldered together. The high temperature of the caramel has a possibility of melting the solder. Finally I have many tray /flat molds of all different subjects, I am in the process of adding them to the website. I hope you have found this helpful.

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