What do I need to know before buying an Old, Antique Chocolate Mold?

old metal antique chocolate mold santa


Old Chocolate molds in various conditions.


What to look for when you are buying a chocolate mold.  First, you need to consider a few things….. Let’s start with:  Is this mold for you or are you looking for a unique one of a kind gift?  If the old chocolate mold is for you – select one that talks to you.  I know this sounds a little odd but when you look at the mold does it make you smile, remember some special time, do you like the subject or just admire the craftsman ship?  If you are searching for that unique one of a kind gift  – consider a chocolate mold of Puss n’ Boots for a cat lover or Charlie Chaplin for the silent movie fan.   Now that you have found an old chocolate mold there are a many things to look for when you are purchasing a metal antique chocolate mold, the first is Condition.


old metal antique chocolate mold santa
This chocolate mold illustrates rust and a tear.


1. What is the Condition of the chocolate mold?  The condition of a mold varies from ‘Gently used’ (almost like “new” from the manufacturer, suitable for molding chocolate) to ‘Damaged’ (significant rust, holes, tears, etc.,  not suitable for molding chocolate, little retail value). 


You will find old chocolate molds from “Gently used” to “Damaged” and everything in between.  It is important to examine the mold to determine if the price reflects the condition and your intended use for the chocolate mold, tool or decorative.   If you want to use the mold ( a tool) then as I mentioned in my previous blog the inside must be shinny to release chocolate, the outside doesn’t matter.  If you would like to decorate an accent piece in a kitchen,  great room or even bathoom the condition really isn’t that important perhaps a dark patina where the tinning has worn off to give a more rustic look.  What is important is that if you purchase a metal chocolate mold  with rust  on it  ( a great price)  you must clean the rust off  as it will over time literally turn your beautiful unique  chocolate mold to a rusty pile of dust.   Check our FAQ’s for help with this.   In the next few weeks I will be giving you more helpful tips when buying old  chocolate molds.