Why are values/prices so different for old metal chocolate molds?


Same 20″ Rabbits – Same Price?


In my last four blogs we cover the important things to look for when buying a chocolate mold; condition, matched, material and marks. I hope that the information was a help.  When you are looking at antique chocolate molds another question that comes up – Why is there such a difference in the prices of old chocolate molds?   There isn’t a  simple answer but basically it comes down to subject, condition, age, size and desirability. 

Let’s examine 3 molds that look almost identical –

old antique chcolate molds rabbits display for sale

These three old chocolate mold are of the large 20″ display standing rabbit, you would think that they would be about the same price but their is a significant  difference. (Note:   the mold on the left it is a little larger but that does not make a real difference as it simply has a base that was not trimmed as the other two molds were.)

If you look at the mold on the left; it was made by Anton Reiche – Dresden, Germany.  It is a matched mold #34 & #34 and is marked “Made in Germany”  with the mold number.  The material is stamped steel that is tinned dating it to the late 20’s early 30’s.  Retail – $3800.00

The next chocolate mold in the middle was made by T.C. Weygandt – New York city, USA .  The mold is matched #11 & #11 and marked with the mold number #229 The material is  stamped steel that was tinned.  This mold because it was made by Weygandt, who made copies of Reiches’ molds dates to the early 40’s. Retail – $1200.00.

The last mold on the right in the picture was also made by T.C. Weygandt.  It is  marked with the number 229.  The material is stamped nickel clad steel, dating this piece to the late 40’s through the 50’s.  Retail – $825.00

The difference in the prices of these three molds is related to their age and manufacturer.  The older more detailed chocolate mold made by Anton Reiche is the more desirable of these three pieces and not as common as the copies made by Weygandt resulting in a higher price.

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