How does the subject of an antique chocolate mold affect the price?

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Zeppelin two gondolas  – H. Walter;    Zeppelin one gondola – Anton Reiche

  High Altitude Research Balloon – Anton Reiche;   The Statue of Liberty – Anton Reiche;

Mickey Mouse – Anton Reiche. & 30+ Sitting Rabbits

The molds pictured above are priced from under $50.00 to over $2000.00; all are available for sale.


      Chocolatiers and Bakers who originally purchased the metal molds selected subjects that would sell well in their shops.  For example, they all needed a lot of sitting rabbits for the Easter season, so lots of sitting rabbits were in circulation.  In fact, we see far more antique chocolate sitting rabbit molds today than any other making the sitting rabbit the most common and least expensive of all subjects.   When you start seeing chocolate molds depicting rabbits on motorcycles or driving speed boats the prices tend to go up.   An antique chocolate mold of The Statue of Liberty ,  will have a very high price, because everyone knows her (even in Europe, where she originated) .    A mouse chocolate mold is extremely rare and therefore expensive, but because Mickey Mouse is well known, he is very expensive! The chocolatiers who selected  chocolate molds of a zeppelin or a research balloon were not nearly as numerous, resulting in few zeppelins and research balloon molds produced, making them significantly more expensive than a sitting rabbit