Are old metal chocolate molds hard to find?

antique old vintage collectable metal chccolate mold for sale bear

If you think about it, there were only a finite number of metal chocolate molds made. Just so many copper and steel molds were made before plastic took over.  Then consider this: two World Wars created a desperate need for copper and steel and many molds were recycled for the war effort.  Also, when steel replaced copper and again when plastic replaced steel, the replaced molds were scrapped to pay for the newer molds.  Finally, there was no strong collector market for molds until the early 1970’s so there was no reason to keep the old, rusting chocolatier’s tools when they could be turned into a few dollars.  As a result, the majority of the finite molds that were made years ago were later destroyed (or lost) leaving only a small fraction of the numbers originally made for today’s collectors to enjoy.

The molds have become increasingly difficult to find but….You can still find the old metal chocolate molds occasionally at auctions, antique shows, antique shops or on the internet. 

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