Is my Old Chocolate mold matched?

old vintage antique chocolate mold Kewpie on world


Am I Matched or Married?

old metal vintage chocolate mold antique Kewpie on the world
Take a closer look – #3 & #4
Bunny in boat old metal chocolate mold antique
Matched chocolate mold
P1030493   Now that we have figured out the condition of the chocolate mold the next thing to consider is – Is the old chocolate mold matched or married?  What does “Matched” and “Married” mean?   This is only an issue when the chocolate has multiple pieces, two or more.  The chocolate molds figures had two or more pieces that were made to fit together.  In many cases the molds would have a number either one digit or two digits on each piece #10 & #10,  this is a matched mold – like the rabbit driving the Speed boat.   If you find a mold that the numbers are different #3 & #4 this is a married mold – like the Kewpie on the World.  Unfortunately this is like many of the marks on the molds,  not all manufacturers or chocolatiers did this so it is important to inspect the mold to see if the dimples and the bottom pieces all line up.  When I list a chocolate mold on our website if I know the mold is married I include that in the description and the price is also a reflection of the mold being married.  The condition of the chocolate mold and the mold being matched are very important if you are considering using the mold for molding chocolate and can have a significate effect on the price of the piece.