Marks on old antique metal chocolate molds –

This week let’s talk about marks or numbers/names that are stamped on the chocolate molds.  All sorts of questions pop up when you start looking for marks.

  • Where do I find marks on the antique metal chocolate molds?
  • What do the marks mean? Is it always the manufacturer of the mold? /what does it mean when the mold is marked with several names?
  • Are any of the antique chocolate molds dated?
  • Are all old chocolate molds marked?


Let’s take these one at a time:

  1. The marks on an old chocolate mold if it’s a single figure are found on the flange (the flat metal surrounding the figure).  If the mold is a flat or tray chocolate mold the marks will be found on the steel frame of the mold.  The chocolate molds that are folding or book molds if they are marked you will find the marks on the bottom or bars holding the molds together.


old metal vintage antique chocolate mold for sale hen chicks
Single figure marked on flange
Flat or Tray Mold
Flat or Tray Mold



















2.  In most cases you will find the mold number as pictured above. More often than not the name on the chocolate mold was the agent for the manufacturer as the snowman illustrates.      In some cases you will find both the manufacturer’s name or mark and the agent.















3.  It is unfortunate that the manufacturers did not date all of the molds they produced, but we need to remember that these were tools and who would have thought that 50-100 years later we would collect them.  There were a few manufacturers that did date some of their mold;  Anton Reiche, Sommet, Walter, Vormenfabriek , LeTang and Eppelsheimer.  The dates appear in different variations but having the date  the old chocolate mold was made on it adds value.








4.  The manufacturers were not consistent in stamping their names or marks on the molds; as a result not all old chocolate molds are marked.  Almost all old chocolate molds are marked with a number identifying the mold in the manufacturers’ catalog.

*Check out our page with manufacturers’ marks to help you identify the different names and marks you find on an old chocolate mold.  If you don’t see a mark on our page feel free to email us at

2 thoughts on “Marks on old antique metal chocolate molds –

  1. Jan Toews says:

    I have an industrial chocolate mold It is a hinged bunny on mushroom . it is in the top marked Hornlien 3109
    . I have foun one that is almost the same but the one I have is braced all aroud. Can you please give me some info on the age of and the company . found it in german can`t translate it. Thank You Jan toews

    • Dads Follies says:

      Thank you for your question. Here is some info on the Hornlein company –
      Walter Hornlein was located in Schwabisch, Gmund, Germany. 1948-Present
      He started making nickel plated individual molds and multiple figures for manufacturing. His original trade mark looked like a French horn or hunting horn , then he switch to a small squirrel and his name. In the 1960’s Hornlein bought out Bruhn and Laurosch. He replaced his metal molds with aluminum packaging stamped and printed in color for chocolate figures. “Chocal” the packaging company was founded in 1960 as part of the Hornlein Group.
      We have reference books available that cover the chocolate mold manufacturers. If you have any other questions I’ll be happy to tell you what I can.
      Sources: Chocolate Moulds A History & Encyclopedia by Judene Divone, The Chocolate Mould by Henry & Laure Dorchy and Dad’s Follies Reference Library & Molds.

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