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Antique metal chocoalte mold information

How does the subject of an antique chocolate mold affect the price?

  Zeppelin two gondolas  – H. Walter;    Zeppelin one gondola – Anton Reiche   High Altitude Research Balloon – Anton Reiche;   The Statue of Liberty – Anton Reiche; Mickey Mouse – Anton Reiche. & 30+ Sitting Rabbits The molds pictured above are priced from under $50.00 to over $2000.00; all are available for sale.            […]

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Is my Old Chocolate mold matched?

  Am I Matched or Married?   Now that we have figured out the condition of the chocolate mold the next thing to consider is – Is the old chocolate mold matched or married?  What does “Matched” and “Married” mean?   This is only an issue when the chocolate has multiple pieces, two or more.  The chocolate […]